NJ Hospital Considered Epicenter Of Coronavirus Pandemic Now Ready To Resume Elective Surgeries


A hospital in Bergen County, New Jersey, was considered the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic just a few weeks ago, but now it’s down to just a few COVID-19 patients.

During the worst of it, Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck had about 250 COVID-19 patients. Four staff members even died from the virus.

“A moment of silence, a moment of grief and then everybody had to return back to where they were because there was no time to stop and think,” said Michele Acito, director of nursing operations.

New COVID patient admissions are down to about one or two per week.

“Where at the height of the pandemic, we were having one or two every 15 to 20 minutes,” Acito said.

With the worst of the crisis behind them, the hospital is now set to resume elective surgeries.

“Orthopedic cases, we’re going to see general surgery, some gall bladder surgeries, things of that nature until we ramp up to full speed,” Acito said.

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