No new coronavirus cases on Isle of Man for 100 days


The Isle of Man has had no new positive coronavirus cases for 100 days, the chief minister said.

Howard Quayle described it as a milestone in the island’s fight against the virus.

He said people on the island “could take credit” for the achievement after following strict lockdown measures put in place in March.

Of 336 people to test positive for the virus during the pandemic, 24 lost their lives.

Those who caught the virus included Mr Quayle himself, who had to self-isolate for 14 days at the height of the outbreak.

The first positive case was recorded on 19 March but there have been no further new cases since 20 May.

Social distancing rules were scrapped on 15 June and schools reopened to all pupils a week later.

Although pleased with the marker, he warned against complacency about the re-emergence of the virus in the Manx community.

While he “fully expects” there to be future positive cases of the virus within those returning to the island from abroad, the 14-day quarantine rules should “catch it”.

He once again pleaded with those travelling off the island to follow the mandatory self-isolation rules on return. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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