North West of England behaving much like London and South Africa in terms of hospitalisations


On the “London might have peaked, rest of country probably hasn’t & it looks worse in the north of England” theme, here’s the North West.
Omicron doesn’t seem to be behaving any differently to South Africa & London: case decoupling and lower mechanical ventilation needed. (1/2)


The problem is that this Omicron picture is similar but *bigger*.
Before we get ONS regional prevalences (tomorrow), reported cases per 100k will be an imperfect proxy, but they suggest the North is going past London’s peak.
Hospitals there are buckling because it’s worse.


(Sorry, label on second graph isn’t wrong, but it’s a bit unclear: “New reported cases per 100k population per week” is what it shows.)

Originally tweeted by Paul Mainwood (@PaulMainwood) on January 6, 2022.

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