Number of people with coronavirus hospitalized in North Alabama continues to decrease


Huntsville Hospital CEO David Spillers said numbers are trending in the right direction. He said systemwide, there are 135 people with coronavirus hospitalized in North Alabama, which is down from a week ago. Of those patients, 36 are in ICUs and 21 are on ventilators.

Spillers said 71 people with coronavirus are hospitalized in Huntsville Hospital’s Madison County facilities, which is down 21 from last week. There are 14 in ICUs and 11 on ventilators.

Crestwood Medical Center has 11 inpatients with coronavirus.

Spillers said a manageable number of coronavirus inpatients in the region would be below 60. He said statewide numbers are slowly moving in a positive direction, and the number of people seeking tests continues to go down.

Spillers said the rate of people testing positive for coronavirus locally has fallen to about 6%. He said statewide, it’s probably closer to 7%.–572228761.htmlHELP US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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