NYC Omicron Wave ‘Clearly in Retreat,’ ER Doc Says. Here Are His Big Takeaways From the Surge


A day after New York City’s top elected official and health expert declared the ferocious omicron variant-fueled viral wave to be in retreat, a noted Manhattan emergency room doctor who has been documenting his experience throughout the COVID pandemic provided a detailed analysis of the data to underscore the point.

Dr. Craig Spencer, who vaulted to Twitter fame during the city’s Ebola scare in 2014 and has been sharing his thoughts on omicron over the last month or so, said Wednesday all signs point to the end of the omicron wave in New York City.

He also said recent data clearly shows the “vastly different experience for vaccinated and unvaccinated New Yorkers” during the surge based on the three most critical COVID indicators: cases, hospitalizations and deaths.