On a seemingly negative day for the UK, we need to keep our spirits up – treatment and vaccines are improving all the time


With the latest press conference in the UK from Chief Medical Adviser, Prof Chris Whitty and the Chief Scientific Adviser – Sir Patrick Vallance a bleak picture was painted for the UK over the coming months.  Whilst this maybe the case we have to highlight all of the positive news that are ongoing with treatments and vaccines.


Here are a few of our recent articles on treatment options and how they are improving all the time :

Covid Grows Less Deadly as Doctors Gain Practice, Drugs Improve

Roche says its drugs reduce ventilator need for COVID-19 patients

Lilly’s Covid-19 antibody helps some patients rid their systems of virus sooner in early analysis

COVID-19 patients in the Netherlands now spend only 8 days in ICU compared to 22 days in March/April, says chairman of Dutch ICU association

We are finally unravelling the mystery of what causes severe covid-19

New Study: Vitamin D reduces risk of ICU admission 97%


Moderna expects to make 20 million doses of coronavirus vaccine by 2020 end

Hundreds of thousands have been given Chinese COVID-19 vaccines without a single infection

Pharma company drastically boosts its potential coronavirus vaccine production

Moderna expects to know if its coronavirus vaccine works by November, CEO says

AstraZeneca trial illness likely not linked to Covid vaccine, Oxford says

Pfizer reports ‘potential’ with COVID-19 candidate vaccine after expanding trial to 44,000 people

Dr. Siegel on potential COVID vaccine effectiveness: Unlike annual flu, virus is not ‘a moving target’

Pfizer CEO: Chances ‘quite’ good will know by October if vaccine works

Things will improve, things look negative at the moment but all around the world there are positive developments.  Hopefully this offers some glimmer of hope.


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By Justgivemepositivenews Team