Oregon – COVID-19 survival rate improves significantly at local hospitals


After months of fine-tuning COVID-19 treatment strategies, some Oregon hospitals are reporting significantly lower mortality rates.

Preliminary numbers indicate that among people sick enough to be hospitalized, more are surviving.

At Providence Health & Services, the sprawling health system that stretches from Alaska to Southern California, the mortality rate fell by nearly a third between March and May, said Dr. Ari Robicsek, the non-profit’s chief medical analytics officer. 

Of the 900 patients hospitalized in all Providence facilities in March, 20% died. Of the 1,200 hospitalized in May, 14% died, Robicsek said. 

Oregon Health & Science University showed even steeper declines. The mortality rate fell from 23% in March when six of the hospital’s 26 COVID-19 patients died to 3% in May (one of 37) and 4% in June (two of 52).

At Legacy Health, the mortality rate was 40% in March, when 12 of the hospital’s 30 patients died. By May, the rate had declined to 13% when five of 37 patients died.

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