Oxford coronavirus vaccine expected to be easier to roll out than Pfizer jab


The Oxford vaccine is expected to be easier to store and distribute throughout the UK than the Pfizer jab – if and when it is proved to be safe and effective.

No 10 has ordered millions of doses from the two leading candidates, with experts saying that the government will need a “toolbox” of vaccines to bring the pandemic under control, though concern has been raised over the logistical challenges of storing and transporting the Pfizer jab.

The vaccine needs to be kept at -70C up until the day it is used to maintain the integrity of the doses’ genetic material.

This is expected to complicate the rollout of doses to GP clinics and care homes, which do not have the refrigerator technology required to maintain such low temperatures.

Because of this, the Oxford vaccine – which can be stored at between 2C and 8C – is expected to be easier to administer in the community and therefore provide the bedrock of the UK’s vaccination programme.

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