Oxford Expert Claims Their COVID-19 Vaccine Gives Off Long Term Immunity With Antibodies 3X Higher Than Recovered Patients


Professor Sarah Gilbert, who runs the Oxford trials for their coronavirus vaccine candidate, claims their jab could provide protection that lasts for several years.

Additionally, she says their experimental vaccine has been found to generate antibody levels of up to three times more than those patients who recovered from COVID-19.

Concerns had been raised lately after patients with other types of coronavirus were able to be reinfected within a year. Such coronaviruses were found to be less dangerous and would usually cause the common cold.

However, Professor Gilbert told the Commons Science and Technology Committee that there might be a better result from a vaccine than the natural immunity obtained when individuals recover from a virus.

She explains that vaccines have a different way of interacting with the immune system. Her team follows people in their studies utilizing the same type of technology to make the vaccines for several years. Moreover, she says they still see strong immune responses.

Gilbert says they are optimistic based on earlier studies. She says that they are hopeful of seeing a reasonable duration of immunity and probably even better than naturally-acquired protection.

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