Pakistan launches Phase III trials for Chinese Cansinobio’s COVID-19 vaccine


Pakistan has launched Phase III clinical trials for CanSino Biologics’ COVID-19 vaccine candidate, a government minister and an official at the Chinese pharmaceutical company said on Tuesday.

Pakistan gave the go-ahead for the country’s first Phase-III clinical trial in August for CanSino’s candidate, Ad5-nCoV, led by the government-run National Institute of Health (NIH) and pharmaceutical company AJM – the local representative of CanSino.

“Just launched the Phase III trials for a COVID-19 vaccine in Pakistan,” said the minister for planning, Asad Umar, who also oversees command and control operations headed by the country’s military to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

He said a total of 40,000 people across seven countries will participate in the trial, including up to 10,000 in Pakistan. Initial results are expected in four to six months, the minister said in a tweeted statement. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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