Personal rant against mainstream media, specifically the Daily Mail


So earlier today my wife sent me the following post that she had read on the Daily Mail with the question as to how true this was.  My immediate reaction was one of anger as The Daily Mail is a source of clickbait,  exaggeration and sensationalism to generate clicks to their site and media empire, spreading fear and negativity.  

The site I have created here is to showcase positivity and all the good that is happening, very little of which appears on ‘The Daily Mail’ as it doesn’t tend to generate shares and clicks.  People generally are in a frail state mentally due to the Coronavirus crisis and these types of headlines just exacerbates the issue for financial gain.

If we look at the facts for the latest issues in New Zealand :

– There have been 4 confirmed cases in one family unit in one city Auckland.

– Jacinda Ardern has decided to adopt a ‘level three’ lockdown only in Auckland so NOT country wide.

– ‘Level three’ effectively asks people to work at home where possible and only make ‘essential’ trips to the shops. 

– The new level three protocol is only in place for the next THREE DAYS.

– New Zealand prior to this had gone 100 days without ANY cases.

Upon reading the headline people would panic as New Zealand is a kind of ‘poster child’ on how a country should handle the Coronavirus.  This article seems to ‘glory’ in the fact that New Zealand are having to enact lockdown protocols.  

Sensationalised media has no part to play in a pandemic that is not only affecting people physically but also having a dramatic mental toll.  

Shame on you Daily Mail and shame on you Brittany Chain.

Apologies in advance for any grammatical errors, this was written in a fit of pique.

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