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COVID sitrep: Some positive news to report this week. We are definitely feeling a fall in NHS hospital and ICU admissions with covid in London this week. The rest of the UK should see a similar pattern in the coming days. This below appeared on our ICU board this week! 1/10


As mentioned in previous weeks, being confident we are past the peak is a big deal for the NHS. Every day things get a little easier, a little simpler. We can do more ‘usual’ NHS work. We can get back to clearing the backlog of surgery and other patient care. 2/10

The colours on the national map are getting lighter every week which reassures us that the number of new infections continues to fall in most areas of the UK. 3/10


A large proportion of the covid positive patients we do have are in hospital for other reasons but have ‘incidental’ covid infection not the disease covid. Still a problem for their care as they must isolate in hospital but another positive observation overall. 4/10

NHS covid pressure is most reflected in the number of infected patients in hospital. This is slowly falling in London although and other UK regions will follow soon. 5/10


A pleasant surprise this winter has been the absence of any major surge in patients with needing intensive care. Good for them but also means we avoided the huge demands of scaling up resource-intensive ICU beds as we did last winter. 6/10


The pressure has still been significant for general NHS hospital wards, such as respiratory wards. Emergency departments and GP surgeries also having a tough time. This is also improving but will take time to resolve completely. Staff absences improving too. 7/10

But it’s too early to say this is the end, the beginning of the end or even the end of the beginning. We knew from the start that the pandemic would last at least three years, we just weren’t sure how bad it would be. Our long and difficult journey is not over by any means. 8/10

Remember, COVID is a global problem, and until we have a solution for the world as a whole, no country can relax. @WHO reports more than 5.5 million COVID deaths worldwide. Sharing vaccines with lower income countries remains vital for all of us. 9/10


…but it is perhaps a moment to reflect on all the amazing things we have achieved as a society to keep each other safe. Lots we would do differently next time but NHS staff are hugely grateful for your recognition and support. 💙 10/10

Originally tweeted by Rupert Pearse (@rupert_pearse) on January 22, 2022.

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