Rapid coronavirus test that detects Sars-CoV-2 in MINUTES could prove a ‘life-changer’


A rapid coronavirus test that detects Covid-19 in minutes could be a “life changer”, experts have claimed.

A senior member of the World Health Organisation (WHO) has claimed a test with a quick turn around is essential in order for the world to live with the virus.

“A rapid virus test will be a life-changer.”

He added: “A rapid test that is reliable, that can be used anywhere, is the absolute requirement now – it’s more important than just about anything else.”

He said we are around three months away from a test being ready and added that a rapid test would allow cases to be identified in care homes.

He added: “Something like this might be available by Christmas.

“I’m trying super hard not to get into that kind of prediction, but it’s not an unreasonable proposition providing that the necessary funding is available.”

Dr Nabarro continued: “I keep going on about the diagnostics, because I think they will have a huge positive impact on lifestyle issues, they will have a massive benefit for health workers.”

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