Recovering COVID-19 patient leaves a heartfelt message for his caregivers

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After 10 days in Cleveland Clinic’s ICU, a recovering COVID-19 patient left a message of thanks to his care team on the isolation glass that was his ‘window to the world’ during treatment.

Nic Brown, 38, of rural Ohio, never expected a headache and fever to be COVID-19.  “I assumed I just had a flu,” said the father of three.  Brown’s symptoms worsened and he was hospitalized and diagnosed with novel coronavirus. A few days later, he was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU) at Cleveland Clinic.

Brown was in ICU isolation and the glass wall separating him from the care team became his ‘window to the world.’

“They would write goals that they wanted to see me accomplish for that day, specifically, in my breathing and my respiratory health,” said Brown. “And then at the bottom, they wrote ‘we will get you home.’”