Revealing S. Korean studies show antibodies could thwart COVID-19 reinfection spread


Results from two new South Korean studies shed light on whether antibodies will be a reliable form of protection against COVID-19 for those who have recovered from the disease.

In one ongoing study, the Korean Center for Disease Control found that 100% of 25 randomly selected patients who were hospitalized with symptoms and who fully recovered, developed defensive antibodies against COVID-19.

Researchers were initially concerned that antibodies might not kill the virus, because roughly half of patients had both antibodies and a current COVID-19 infection.

Further investigation, however, suggested that the virus scientists detected might have been dead or so weak that it couldn’t infect others.

In a second study of more than 10,700 COVID-19 patients, researchers examined 207 individuals who were re-diagnosed with COVID-19 after recovering from their infections.

In 39 of those 207 re-diagnosed individuals, researchers did not find any virus replication in patient samples they analyzed.

In other words, the new research suggests that if a patient is re-diagnosed with COVID-19 after recovering, it’s unlikely he or she will be able to infect others. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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