Sajid Javid to abandon Covid passes as the Omicron surge recedes


Covid passes are to be abandoned this month after Sajid Javid effectively killed off the policy.

The health secretary has concluded that Covid-19 certification is no longer needed as the Omicron wave eases. He told MPs that he shared their “instinctive discomfort” at the policy.

With ministers keen to lift guidance on working from home when plan B measures are reviewed on January 26, it is increasingly likely that compulsory masks in enclosed spaces will be the only order remaining next month, if restrictions are not dropped entirely.

Javid told MPs yesterday there were “encouraging signs that infections” were falling in parts of the country and that the NHS was coping.

Javid made the case last month for requiring proof of vaccination or a negative test to enter large events and nightclubs in England as part of plan B measures when the Omicron surge began. Now it is understood that he will argue, when the measure is reviewed next week, that it is no longer needed and will claim that its justification is weakening as the wave eases.

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