San Francisco Bay Area reports zero COVID-19 deaths 2 days in a row for the 1st time since early March


For the first time since early March, there have been zero reported deaths from the coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19, in the San Francisco Bay Area for two straight days.

As the San Francisco Chronicle reports, the last two consecutive days that the region went without a reported coronavirus-related death were March 10 through March 12. Before Sunday, the last day without reported virus-related deaths was March 21.

The San Francisco Bay Area was the first region in the US to issue a shelter-in-place order that went into effect on March 17. The state of California followed suit two days later.

The Bay Area has been lauded nationwide for its quick public health response, mandating that people stay inside their homes as much as possible and for nonessential businesses to shutter. That early action led California, which had some of the first reported coronavirus cases in the US, to see lower case and death numbers than other parts of the country. California is currently on Stage 2 of a phased reopening plan, a phase that Bay Area counties are implementing as well. This phase of reopening allows retailers to reopen for curbside pickup as well as manufacturers to resume operations, with physical distancing measures in place.

As much as some experts say the region has successfully “flattened the curve,” contact tracing and widespread testing are still needed to more efficiently combat the spread of the disease. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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