São Paulo Brazil vaccinates 75% of the adult population against COVID-19


The State of São Paulo has already vaccinated 75% of the adult population in the vaccination campaign against COVID-19. The number indicates that for every four people aged 18 or over, three have already received at least one dose of the immunizing agent. This is what the Vacinometer showed at 5:16 pm this Monday (26).

Among this group, 26% already have a complete vaccine schedule, consisting of two doses in the case of immunizing agents from Butantan/Coronavac, Fiocruz/Astrazeneca/Oxford and Pfizer, or a single dose from Janssen.

The balance of this afternoon shows more than 25.39 million applications of the first dose, 8.38 million of the second and more than 1 million of a single dose.

The adult population of SP is 35.3 million, according to IBGE estimates for 2020, and the Government of the State of São Paulo wants to vaccinate this public with at least one dose by August 20th.