Scientists at Nottingham universities identify parts of virus which may lead to vaccine


Virologists at the University of Nottingham have discovered some parts of the novel coronavirus that they believe may create an immune response and prevent future infection.

Nottingham’s universities will be lending their expertise in the race to develop an effective and safe vaccine for the Covid-19 virus in the coming months.

Experts from both the University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent University will be assisting Scancell Holdings Plc, which develops immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer.

The company will be adapting its cancer vaccine to develop a new vaccine to prevent future infection by the novel coronavirus, which causes covid-19.

The University of Nottingham’s centre for research on global virus infections and the virologists working there have already identified sections of the coronavirus they hope will create an immune response.​HELP US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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