Scientists have developed antibodies that can kill coronavirus


The flu kills thousands of people each year, yet we’re not afraid of it because we know what to do when the first symptoms appear. We can immediately recognize the signs and treat them with over the counter drugs. We know when things aren’t working and only then do we go for professional help. We can even get vaccines each year to help avoid reinfection.

Hospitals around the world have been using plasma from COVID-19 survivors to treat patients with weaker immune systems that weren’t able to generate their own coronavirus-killing antibodies. That strategy works for other infectious diseases and has been used for more than 100 years. Plasma from COVID-19 patients who have recovered has saved many lives already, as plenty of reports have shown, but the therapy has a considerable downside: It’s not scalable to meet demand.

Researchers from the Netherlands, Israel, and Japan have synthesized strong antibodies that have neutralized the virus in lab conditions. The next step is testing the creations on humans in clinical trials. If the drugs are effective and safe, they could hit mass-production soon and become standard COVID-19 therapies. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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