Second doses are ‘protected’ for when UK’s vaccine supply falls in April, NHS England says


The UK has enough vaccine supplies to ensure that Britons can receive their second doses without disruption, NHS England’s medical director for primary care has said.

Weeks after the health service warned that the country will face a “significant reduction” in the availability of coronavirus jabs next month, Dr Nikki Kanani said: “The supply over April is slower, but we know that we will keep going.

“We’ve got enough vaccine to give people the second doses, those second doses are protected, and we’ve got enough vaccine to protect those in the priority cohorts.”

More than 2.5 million people have now received their second dose of a COVID-19 jab – with more than one in three of those taking place in the last week.

About 900,000 people received their final vaccine over the past seven days – about twice as many as the week before.