Shelter Pups Celebrate National Dog Day by Picking New Toys Out of a Room Full of Treats


Today is National Dog Day, but the ASPCA started the celebrations early.

Because every dog deserves to feel special every day, especially National Dog Day, whether they have found their forever home yet or not, the ASPCA recently treated some of their adoptable canines to a big surprise.

The lucky pooches were led into a room filled with all different kinds of toys, so they could play with all the goodies and select their favorite to keep. All of the dogs were understandably overjoyed by the selection of fun, new things to enjoy, and many spent some time carefully considering their options before selecting their ideal toy.

The ASPCA hopes this special moment, which they caught on camera, inspires animal lovers to give the dogs in the clip, or any adoptable canine, a loving home. Right now, the ASPCA, still working under limited operations due to the coronavirus pandemic, is in need of large dog fosters in particular.


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