Spain Virus Death Toll Declines as Lockdown Easing Moves Ahead


Spain recorded a drop in the nation’s daily coronavirus death toll and a small increase in the number of new cases, as the government moves ahead with a gradual easing of the nation’s eight-week lockdown.

The number of fatalities rose by 213 to 26,070 in the 24 hours through Thursday, compared with an increase of 244 on Wednesday, according to Health Ministry data. Infections rose by 754 to 221,447 after the previous day’s gain of 685. The total number of cases was adjusted to reflect changes in data for the Madrid region.

Spain’s parliament on Wednesday authorized the government to extend a state of emergency for two weeks through May 23, even after a steady drop in the number of infections and new cases over the past month.

The government is pursuing a cautious easing of confinement rules to avoid a resurgence in infections. Spain has the second-most extensive outbreak in the world, behind the U.S. and ahead of Italy, the original epicenter of the virus in Europe. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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