Spanish island relaxes more Covid rules from today


Gran Canaria has relaxed more of its Covid restrictions today, making it easier for people to socialise.

The Canary Island was on the highest level of Covid alert – Level 4 – but as of midnight this morning, it has been reduced to Level 3.

The change means that groups of up to 12 people can sit at a table in a restaurant in Gran Canaria, compared to just eight under Level 4 rules.

Hospitality venues, such as restaurants and bars, can stay open until 4am instead of 3am and nightclubs can operate at 100 per cent capacity outside, compared to 75 per cent.

Gran Canaria follows in the footsteps of Tenerife and La Palma which were downgraded from Level 4 to Level 3 last month.

The change will come as good news to Brits with plans to go to the Spanish island in the coming weeks.