‘Spread of COVID-19 halted’: 80% of Israel has had no new cases for days

The Israeli cabinet is set to meet Sunday to discuss further easing coronavirus restrictions, including opening malls and markets, amid figures suggesting the country has largely managed to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

Eighty percent of Israeli towns and villages have reported no new COVID-19 cases for several days, with Tel Aviv among them, a TV report said Friday, and only four cities nationwide have had more than five new cases in the past few days: Jerusalem, Hura, Bnei Brak and Beit Shemesh. (Jerusalem and Hura have been under a partial lockdown, as have two neighborhoods in Beit Shemesh.)

Several hospitals have not had a single new coronavirus patient in recent days, the Channel 12 TV report also said, and were repurposing virus wards back into general treatment centers, though they were ready to return them to COVID-19 centers if the need arose. Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Medical Center has closed four out of its six coronavirus wards.

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