Statins reduce mortality rate of patients suffering with Covid-19, study shows


Statins, when used to treat the novel coronavirus, are associated with a lower death rate and a lower rate of medical ventilation, according to a study published in Cell Metabolism.

Statins, used primarily to lower cholesterol, are known to slow the progression of lung injury in animals, improve immune response and reduce inflammation. These three symptoms are common in Covid-19 patients who suffer acute problems, often resulting in fatal organ damage.

The study, conducted in Hubei province, China, examined the use of statins in a sample size of 13,981 patients. It revealed a 45 per cent decrease in the mortality rate of those assigned the medication.

Furthermore, the study does not demonstrate that using statins in combination with blood-pressure lowering drugs causes an increase in mortality risk.

Hongliang Li, an author of the study and researcher at Wuhan University, said: “These results support the safety and potential benefits of statin therapy in hospitalized patients with Covid-19 and provide a rationale for prospective studies to determine whether statins confer protection against Covid-19-associated mortality.”

While the study does not definitively prove a reduction in deaths, it does provide hope for a potential treatment. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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