Summer of 2021 will be almost normal: Bill Gates


Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates believes that a “lot of things” will be back to “normal” by the summer of 2021 if COVID-19 vaccine approvals don’t turn up any nasty surprises.

“Very likely by the summer, a lot of things will be back to normal… If vaccine approvals come along quickly,” Gates said in a television interview on Thursday night.

Two vaccines, one each from Pfizer and Moderna, have already turned up more than 90 per cent efficacy results and are moving fast towards applying for emergency use approval.

The first vaccinations are tipped to begin in the US late December.

“We will be able to go back to offices and open up those restaurants and bars and say okay, we are in a completely different stage than right now,” Gates said about his summer of 2021 vision.

He thinks a 2021 school year that is “completely normal” is within reach.

“We can get the whole country, every city back in school. I think that’s achievable and a very important goal to have in mind,” Gates told CNN. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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