Sweden finds a “very accurate” accurate antibodies test


The Swedish hunt for a reliable test of antibodies against covid-19 has been ongoing since the end of March. A research group from KTH, SciLifeLab and Danderyds hospital has collected blood from 527 employees at the hospital and now the analyzes are ready.

– A lot of us are wondering if we have had covid-19 and now we can find out, says Charlotte Thålin.

The answer shows that every fifth person carries the antibodies and thus has been infected by corona.

– We still don’t know for sure whether antibodies mean immunity, but there is much to be said, says Charlotte Thålin, a doctor at Danderyd, in a press release.

Especially for health care, it would be useful to know who has already been ill and is not at risk of being infected again.

– It has a great significance not only for the care and other socially beneficial functions, but also for the whole community, she says.

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