Tens of thousands of Brits to get coronavirus home tests ‘to seek out asymptomatic spreaders’


Tens of thousands of Brits will be sent coronavirus home tests to seek out asymptomatic spreaders, the Health Secretary has announced.

Matt Hancock has said bringing in screening was a “huge” priority as the Government aims to re-open the economy and slash quarantine times.

He said some of the new tech being evaluated can give results in as little as ten minutes.

Ministers are now working with dozens of firms to introduce population-wide testing.

Mr Hancock told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “This is a really, really important drive that we have across Government to bring in mass testing, population-wide testing.

“The new technologies for testing that are coming on stream now are incredibly important.

“At the moment you have to send off a test to a laboratory and get it back and all the logistics of that takes time, it’s also quite expensive.

“We’re testing some of these right now in Porton Down, in our scientific labs, and the mass testing, population testing, where we make it the norm that people get tested regularly, allowing us therefore to allow some of the freedoms back, is a huge project in Government right now with enormous support.”

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