The Intensive Care section of the hospital of Bergamo, Italy, which has been the most COVID-battered city in the world, is now COVID free


Intensive care at the Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo no longer has patients infected with the coronavirus, after 137 days from the first hospitalization on Sunday 23 February. This is what the hospital itself reports.

Some patients affected by the virus remain hospitalized in the Bergamo hospital, but are now negative.

Intensive covid-free therapy to Pope John was symbolically celebrated by the general manager Maria Beatrice Stasi, with the health director Fabio Pezzoli and the director of the Emergency Department of urgency and critical area Luca Lorini, in the presence of a representation of the operators of intensive care . In memory of the victims, a few moments of silence were respected and then applause for the result achieved by the approximately 400 operators working in Pope John’s intensive care, including doctors, nurses, support workers and cleaning staff. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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