The UK could be vaccinated for Covid-19 by Christmas, says Oxford vaccine developer


The accelerated development of a coronavirus vaccine could mean the UK is fully vaccinated by Christmas.

Sir John Bell is Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University. He is leading a team working on the development of a Covid-19 vaccine and he spoke to Matt Frei on the possibility of a vaccine being available by Autumn.

“When will you know for certain when this candidate vaccine is the right one” Matt asked the vaccine developer, to which he said that “it’s realistic to think we can get a pretty good signal by the end of August.”

The question of how the vaccine will be rolled out on a mass scale has been a question whenever the topic of a coronavirus vaccine has come up. Sir John told Matt that Oxford’s partnership with pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has already kickstarted a massive manufacturing campaign and they in turn “persuaded other manufacturers to go at risk” in manufacturing before there is any approval.

He told Matt that the benefit of the accelerated manufacturing could lead to vaccinating the population much earlier than initially predicted. “If everything goes to plan we can start vaccinating people in September” he told listeners.

Matt wanted to know when the whole British population could be vaccinated, whereby Sir John noted that it could be ready “by Christmas”. He added that his team have “changed the approach to vaccines forever” in their manufacturing of a vaccine before approval, which he claims has sped up the process by three months. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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