Top Israeli COVID Expert: Booster Shot ‘Slowing Down’ Infections in 60 and Older


Israel’s top coronavirus expert says infection rates among Israelis 60 and over are “slowing down,” as a renewed COVID outbreak has triggered soaring infection rates.

“In fact, over the past two days we see a curb in the number of new cases in 60-year-olds and over, who are mostly inoculated with a third dose,” Prof. Ran Balicer told Ynet news site.

“We can say that today booster shots for 60-year-olds and now even people over 50 are doing their job in the sense that they reduce infection rates,” Balicer said.

Israel reported on Wednesday 7,856 new coronavirus cases, which marks a slight decline from 8,758 recorded on Tuesday.

In addition, one of Israel’s health maintenance organizations, Maccabi, released on Wednesday its findings on the effectiveness of booster shots. According to the study, a third shot of the coronavirus vaccine is 86 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 infection among 60-year-olds and over.

Israel began providing booster shots to Israelis over 60 and some at-risk groups over two weeks ago. Over the weekend, it expanded the campaign to the 50-59 age cohort, to employees of geriatric and health care institutions, and to people who suffer from underlying conditions.