Trial to look at whether a common inhaler could stop the worst of COVID-19


Australian and British researchers are collaborating on a trial to see whether a common asthma inhaler could drastically prevent people being hospitalised with severe COVID-19 symptoms.

Associate Professor Dan Nicolau from Queensland University of Technology is working with colleagues from the University of Oxford in Britain to run a clinical trial investigating whether there is any benefit to giving people a steroid inhaler in the early stages of the disease.

Professor Nicolau said his interest in the idea was raised when he and his colleagues looked at the data on COVID-19 patients and realised there were very few asthmatics and people with chronic lung disease among those who have to be hospitalised with COVID-19.

“That was really interesting, because you would expect those people to be at higher risk of suffering bad effects, but the data suggests the opposite,” he said. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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