UCSF team has discovered drugs that block coronavirus, paving way for ‘a better drug sooner’


A global team of scientists led by UCSF has discovered a range of existing drugs and experimental compounds that block the new coronavirus in lab tests, revealing some of the virus’ key weaknesses for the first time. Their findings point to possible treatments for COVID-19, according to a paper released Thursday in the journal Nature.

“We’ve found something about this virus that I hope can help people,” said Nevan Krogan, a molecular biologist who directs the Quantitative Biosciences Institute at UCSF, where 22 labs have worked on the project along with teams at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York and the Institut Pasteur in Paris.

The research grew from a unique system developed by the biosciences institute to understand how viruses wreak havoc on the body.



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