UK – despite more positive cases the number of deaths in the UK is still falling

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The UK is reporting more positive cases but the death rate is actually still falling, which is hugely positive.  The likelihood as to why this is was summarised by Martin Stabe a data editor at the Financial Times who found that :

1. Testing has become far more widely available, particularly the testing track outside hospitals that is more likely to identify cases with mild or no symptoms.

2. Younger people are now catching the virus. Since the start of the resurgence in July, infections have risen fastest in people under 40. Younger people of course face afar lower risk of developing severe cases.

3. Medical outcomes have improved as doctors learn how to best treat this new disease. The use of dexamethasone to cut mortality in severe cases has been a particularly notable advance.

This all looks hugely positive with the upcoming vaccine work that is ongoing.