UK Education secretary says Covid-19 unlikely to spread in classrooms


The Education Secretary has said there is little evidence of coronavirus transmission in schools, amid suggestions that teachers could call for a “week on week off” approach if there is a virus spike.

Gavin Williamson claimed that ministers were being guided by science in their move to reopen schools to all pupils in England next month.

Mr Williamson referred to a forthcoming study which he described as “one of the largest studies on the coronavirus in schools in the world”, saying it “makes it clear there is little evidence that the virus is transmitted at school”. According to BBC News, Mr Williamson is believed referring to an upcoming report due to be released by Public Health England.

In a statement issued on Sunday, he said there was a “growing confidence among parents about their children returning” to the classroom, adding: “This is down to the hard work of school staff across the country who are putting in place a range of protective measures to prepare to welcome back all pupils at the start of term.”

Professor Russell Viner, president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health and a member of Sage, echoed Mr Williamson’s statements on virus transmission in schools as he said studies suggested children were “very minor players in the transmission overall” of the virus. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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