UK – People will be able to test themselves for Covid at home


Brits will be able to test themselves for Covid when they brush their teeth in the morning, a health minister said yesterday.

Lord Bethell said the Government is looking at snapping up super-quick tests people can do at home under Operation Moonshot.

If a person tests negative, they would be free to go to the pub or theatre, he said.

Speaking at the Tory Party conference, Lord Bethell said the tests will not be as accurate as the current NHS swabs – but do not need to be.

He said: “These are not the same tests you would get if you are about to have brain surgery or going to see a frail grandmother”.

But they will be accurate enough to give you a good idea that you are not going to become infectious within the next 24 hours, he said.

Lord Bethell added: “That means that you’re enabled to perhaps go to the pub, to go to the theatre, to do things where social distancing is problematic.

“Even if the test is not 100 per cent, if it dramatically reduces transmission then it will have a huge impact.” Trials for the new wonder swabs have gone well in Southampton, he said.

Boris Johnson has previously hailed the tests as a possible “game changer” which can help Brits get back to normal. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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