UK signs deals for 90 million virus vaccine doses


The UK government has signed deals for a further 90 million doses of coronavirus vaccine.

The vaccines are being developed by the Belgian pharmaceutical company Janssen and the US biotech company Novavax.

It means the UK has placed orders for six experimental vaccines, taking its potential stockpile to 340 million doses.

In theory, there should be enough for everyone in the UK to get five doses. Most of the vaccines require only two.

With most vaccine trials ending in failure, the government is effectively hedging its bets, hoping that at least one of the vaccines it has purchased proves safe and effective.

Kate Bingham, chair of the UK government Vaccine Taskforce, told the BBC: “We don’t know if any of these vaccine formats that we’ve acquired will actually work. There are no licensed vaccines for any human coronavirus.”

She added it was a “priority” to ensure the UK has “sufficient vaccine” for groups “who are most at risk from coronavirus infection”. US SPREAD GOOD NEWS!

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