Violinists Around The World Play Alongside Ukrainian In A Bomb Shelter


Illia Bondarenko, 20, recorded himself playing a Ukrainian folk song on his violin and posted it on Instagram, asking for others to join in support of his people. “The meaning is that now everybody, every person in Ukraine and in the whole world is a soldier in their own battlefield. Not only for musicians but for all people. Music is the best language to say emotions because in that horrible situation, sometimes words, it’s not enough. I think now every human in the world should say something about the situation and support Ukraine,” Bondarenko said in his video. The response was stunning: nearly 100 violinists from around the world created their own videos. In a compilation video, they play alongside him, pledging their support to the Ukrainian cause. One of the violinists who made his own recording said, “The violin has always had that ability to sing from the heart in a way. Any little bit we can do to help, we’re willing to do.”