What is the plan to lift England’s lockdown?


8th March

Schools and care home visits back, all schools primary and secondary back

29th March

No longer legally required to stay at home.

Adult and children sports outside sports resume, tennis, golf will be allowed to be played too.

12th April

Self catering holiday within U.K. are allowed

Non essential retail open

Haircuts, beauty salons will be opening

Hotels & BB remain closed

Pubs & restaurants open for outdoor dining

Gyms back open

17th May

Indoor pubs and restaurants now allowed

Normal outdoor events I.e. football etc – 10k or 25% of capacity


Indoor events – 1k or 50% capacity

Wedding and Wakes up to 30 people (from 15)

21st June

No limit on wedding or funerals

Nightclubs open and max capacity at stadiums


By Justgivemepositivenews Team