WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus – “the opportunity to turn this pandemic around for good is in our grasp”


“After two years, we now know this virus well. We know the proven measures to control transmission: mask use, avoiding crowds, maintaining physical distancing, practicing hand and respiratory hygiene, opening windows for ventilation, testing and contact tracing. We know how to treat the disease it causes and improve the chances of survival for people suffering serious illness. With all these learnings and capacities, the opportunity to turn this pandemic around for good is in our grasp. If we do so, we will save lives, relieve the burden on stretched health systems, and give respite to the legions of health workers who have toiled tirelessly and sacrificed so much for two years. We will get our lives back, allow children to return to school, and people to work. We will also be able to dedicate our energies and resources to the myriad other areas of health needing our attention.”

“I believe that if we can make progress on these goals, we will be gathering again, at the end of 2022, not to mark the end of a third year of pandemic, but to celebrate a return to pre-COVID norms, when we gathered with our families and communities to celebrate together and cherish each other’s company and love.”


By Justgivemepositivenews Team